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Financial Independence is a Destination

Our commitment to the integrated financial planning and investment consulting process necessitates that we regularly re-evaluate your current financial situation, goals and the challenges you may face.

Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps

Financial planning is the link between the financial resources you have and the life you want to lead. By taking an integrated approach which incorporates a review of assets, liabilities, insurance, cash flow and taxes, we raise your awareness of your current financial position and help you plan for the future by helping you relate your money to your quality of life.

Your commitment to the integrated financial planning and investment consulting process may require you to make lifestyle changes in order to achieve your goals. Promptly provide us with the information and supporting documentation we request at the first meeting.

Engage in the process by keeping scheduled appointments and being prepared for our meetings. Inform us when you experience a change in your circumstances that will have a bearing on your financial plan. Meet with us face-to-face annually.

The integrated financial planning and investment consulting process is designed to help you clarify your financial goals and vision for your future. Your participation allows us to understand your views and values concerning money and provides us with a deeper understanding of your financial positions. It may also help you discover how other people or organizations could be affected by your financial decisions.

A completed financial plan may provide a link between your vision for the future and specific actionable recommendations.

  • A realization of the relationship between your goals to your resources.
  • The information we need to direct, support and challenge you towards achieving your goals.
  • A tool to gauge the progress you make towards your financial vision.
  • Guidance to help you formalize a strategy for creating a legacy.
  • An understanding of the financial consequences of the life decisions you make.
  • Insight on how to help protect yourself and your family from disrupted income.
  • Awareness of possible tax strategies to be discussed with your tax advisor.
  • An understanding that financial plans need to be updated to reflect life’s changes and challenges.

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